Hey, it's our first BB 2.0 short links roundup post!

  • Above: the art of Jessica Lagunas, an artist in Guatemala who explores what it means to be a woman there. Some of the pix on her site are marginally NSFW, but this link is not. Shown here, stills from her video piece "Para besarte mejor" ("The Better to Kiss You With"), which consists of a "close-up of my mouth in a static single shot, in which I apply red lipstick continuously for one hour."
  • Boy, the Peninsula Tokyo sounds sweet: "This being Tokyo, the hotel also includes a futuristic touch: a first-of-its-kind telephone system that allows you to make calls throughout the building with a cordless handset, which then switches to mobile mode the minute you step outside." Link.
  • Two drunk guys in Wisconsin arrested for simultaneously driving the same vehicle while intoximacated: Link.

  • BB reader Casey says, "I thought you might be interested to learn that there is now a
    facebook application entitled Unicorn Chaser which allows facebook
    users to get just that for their profile pages. Its actually
    reasonably well done. You can pick from a big gallery random of
    pictures. You should sue!!" Link.

  • Cactikkake: short pretend porn film made with desert-dwelling plants. Link.
  • The Unicorn Museum: Link.
  • Lolcats dethroned by Realisticats! BB reader Tom says, "I've made up a few "realisticats" images to contrast the cuteness of lolcats with the grim reality of actually owning a feline." Link.

    (Thanks, Susannah Breslin, and Eric)