A veritable smorgasbord of short links

  • Steve Jobs offers a $100 store credit consolation prize to early iPhone adopters who got boned by yesterday's $200 price cut announcement: Link. Here's some iRage from angry customers on the Apple boards: Link.
  • (image above) — Tech/fashion designer Angel Chang recently presented a new collection inspired by a visit to the International Spy Museum in Washington DC. Snip from Style.com: "One of Chang's most delightful innovations for Spring is a Manhattan map print that she developed in conjunction with Red Maps (they also did the show invite), which publishes guides for the design-centric crowd. The heat-sensitive print only becomes legible when exposed to warmth–from the touch of a hand, say. One thing to keep in mind: Chang's newfangled, lo-fi take on the GPS pretty much eliminates the 'I got lost' excuse for tardiness."
  • Meerkats prefer Canon SLRs: Link
  • War Comes Home: "hidden costs on the US, as told by veterans who have served." Link.
  • Glamour magazine has photoshopped "Ugly Betty" star America Ferrera into the size zero for their latest cover: Link.
  • The Rape of the Real Doll: ultrarealistic sex dolls and the people who use them (and sometimes have relationships with them, or simulate rape with them, or — eh, just read the article). Link, see also this previous Boing Boing post: When Amber Met Amber.
  • Yahoo Finance launches an ajaxy "sentiment scraper" to sniff out and display the "bullish/bearish" vibe of a given online discussion, which can then be compared to actual stock value. Link.
  • Seven crack cocaine addicts recently were paid to test the affects of mixing cocaine with the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder drug atomoxetine (also known as Strattera), which creates a sensation similar to a low dose of coke. Good times! Link
  • (Thanks, Manolo, Michael Manoochehri, Susannah Breslin, Jeff, Jonathan)