Happy Birthday Roy Doty!


Above: Roy Doty's lllustration from Look magazine, April 15th, 1958.

It's illustrator Roy Doty's birthday! I first discovered Roy's wonderful work as a child, when I got my hands on a stack of 1950s issues of Popular Science and became obsessed with his "Wordless Workshop" comic strip.

A few years ago, I learned that Roy was still illustrating for books and magazines, with no sign of slowing down after a six-decade career. I contacted him about illustrating for MAKE magazine. He like the ideas, and now illustrates MAKE's puzzle page.

From The Complete Guide to Cartooning By Gene Byrnes, Grosset & Dunlap (1950):

"A crowd to Roy Doty isn't just a lot of people repeating themselves. It is a big and wonderful collection of individuals, each doing something different. The throng behind the radio announcer is worth studying for the variety of action portrayed, and for its pattern of beautiful linework."

Happy birthday, Roy!