Short links breakfast breadbasket

  • Unicorn crossing! Link.
  • Project on Government Oversight (POGO) slams US Department of Energy (DOE) over repeated computer security breaches at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), gives the federal nuke site a "failing grade" on security matters. PDF Link.

  • Video footage of Chewie, stormtroopers, Leia, Boba Fett and a few Rebels invading the Oakland airport to hand off Luke's Return of the Jedi movie lightsaber prop to NASA, en route to the Houston Space Center. Link.

  • Utterly over-the-top fake nails to be worn with fancy kimonos. Link (via).
  • An oral history of Nerve, the online "literate smut" nexus: Link, appears as part of their tenth anniversary feature: Link.
  • Newspaper in Sri Lanka hates on The Gays: Link.
  • Italian motion picture actress Asia Argento wants to make porn for women: Link.
  • Tentacle hentai burfday cake: Link.

  • Images of wind turbines on the Bahrain World Trade Center, a twin tower construction with three turbines on the struts between the towers. Link.

  • Stephen Hawking in legos: Link.
  • Miss South Carolina "maps" t-shirt: Link.
  • "My other house is a yurt." Link.

  • Cat Laine says, "I met this Australian artist, Stephen Ives at this year's Burning Man and he had the most beautiful steampunk goggles and face mask. I especially appreciated how the 3M logo is still prominently visible."

    (Thanks, Susannah Breslin, Samantha, Rufus Griscom, Ange, Leo, Philip Proefrock, Jon, Bonnie)