Ugly patchwork purse says you have much cheddah

Ever-charming Manolo the Shoeblogger (who refers to himself in the third person because he's earned it, people!) tells Boing Boing,

Here is the story that has been hot among the purse blogger for the past several months but has just broken through to the general public, the story of the limited edition, patchword, $52,500 Louis Vuitton purse, constructed out of the chopped parts of 14 older Louis Vuitton purses.

It is ugly and ridiculous and grotesquely overpriced, and the Manolo has said so at his blog.

Here is the Washington Post story on the purse.

Only five are being sold in the US, one of which has already gone to Beyonce.

[Ed. note: Me, I'd call her "*The* Beyonce," but who am I to judge.]