Person ditches house on the Hollywood freeway

Last Saturday when we were driving to the LA County Fair, my wife and kids and I saw this house parked on the other side of the Hollywood Freeway. The traffic behind the house was at a standstill for miles.

I forgot all about it until a Boing Boing reader, Michael, sent me this news story. Apparently some guy ditched his house on the Hollywood Freeway, and it's been there since Saturday.

200709250912Patrick Richardson's now immobile home was being moved Saturday from Santa Monica to Santa Clarita when several mishaps _ including a roof-shredding blow while attempting to pass beneath an overpass _ slowed its progress and it fell off its trailer.

Richardson, 45, got an oversized load permit from the California Department of Transportation. But instead of following the authorized Santa Monica-San Diego-Golden State freeways route, authorities said, he headed through downtown Los Angeles and then onto the Hollywood Freeway.

In the downtown area, the wheels started falling off, California Highway Patrol Officer Jason McCutcheon said.

I started looking for the song in the documentary about X, The Unheard Music, that had shots of a house being towed through the streets of LA, but I couldn't find it. I did find this great video from the movie, of "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline," though.