Babylon Fields — clips from CBS's zombie necrophilia pilot

200710150949James says: "How weird did CBS's edgy programming phase almost get? Here are exclusive clips from near-miss fall pilot Babylon Fields, which just might be the strangest TV show you have never seen."

  • Zombies rise from the dead and, in at least one case, have consensual sex with their former spouses.

  • Show crosses zombie thriller with CBS-style procedural crime drama, so star Ray Stevenson ("Rome") is giving a murder to solve, while the living dead roam the streets.

  • In one clip, zombie neighbors brag about the erectile-enhancing properties of being deceased:

  • Zombie #1: "Martha treating you right?"

  • Zombie #2: [excited] "Oh, like a newlywed at an oyster fest! Listen, since you been back, have you been, like, ready to 'go,' you know, like all the time?"

  • Zombie #2: "Yeah, sure. I got that."

  • Zombie #2: "Oh yeah! Hee-hee-hee"