French lady finds python in pee-pipes

Full-size image: Link. A charming lady named Nadege Brunacci emailed a BB reader this account of having discovered a large snake in the sewage pipes inside her home. That BB reader (her ex-husband) forwarded it along to us, with her consent. I am not acquainted with the emailer or the python-finder, and have no way to fact-check, really — so I'm not sure it's for reals.

I love Ms. Brunacci's email accent. But more than this, I do love the idea of boozily and accidentally urinating on a terrified seven-foot-long python who is trapped inside your toilet.

Ms. Brunacci explains:

i don't think you will ever hear a story like this ever the storie you are going to …… for it; from me : monday night after 2…3…. beers i did need to go "pipi" did not put the light on …..i was in mi hom….got up and don't know whi look back in the toilette….this is what was in my toilette.

i call laurent did think i was loco a "snake in the toilette"?????? it is time to stop drinking but thank he did see it we both panic for 10 minutes and whent back to the toilette (we did put evry things on top of the cover before) he his on his way togo back in the sistem …. we flashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh until is no moore tail to see, closed back the top whith all the stuff on top and call evry one landlord,police,animal control,evry one….. no one belevde me????? i know the crazy french!!!!!!!!!!!

my landlord tell me he is in the business for 50 years never heard and see this ,tuesday no help,wensday ….we still not using the toilette but a hold coutry one i always had for the kids potty training… my neighbour said to me at school stop empty the bucket all the "pipi"when in the girls beds because the pipe was out in her ceiling.i new the snake was here…..laurent call the landlord and tell him to send a plumber with tools and he will do it ….the plumber is here they cut the bottom of the toilette and lift the toilette….and here is the snake roll up in the pipe head up panic for all but laurent ,,,

i recall the police and nada no one want it to dill with us i told them my toilette was off we could see it no one help us they don't do snake can you hear this no one in new york city move for a snake my landlord guys did cut the pipes neighbour and we did get the snake i took the snake with beatrice and lise to a friend who take care of animals,she is being call nadege after me, had a bath; mesure 7 feet and a PYTHON.

i did 'pipi" on a python big big kisses nadege.

Many thanks to Boing Boing reader Stefan Springman for sharing this with us, and thanks to Ms. Brunacci for kindly giving us permission to reprint her email here.