Internet based chastity belt locking system

Azamar says:

I was googling around trying to figure out a system to lock up my pot so I wouldn't be tempted for a while, but to have it become available automatically after a set period of time.

I ended up stumbling into the subculture of chastity belt fetishists, people who derive pleasure from locking themselves up in high tech chastity belts and giving the keys to some person or machine that has power over them.

The site has a program [Timelock, $20] that allows someone to use encryption to lock themselves up for a set or random amount of time, or even to send the key to their chastity belt over the internet to a trusted "keyholder".

Following is a quote from the site:


The keyholder has set the Hide Timer option so you have no idea how much time has been set. You feel the fear and the anxiety, but, with trembling fingers, you close the lock. Your fate is now entirely in the hands of your keyholder. Only they know how much time has been set. Only they know the lockword, which may grant you early release. The need to touch yourself is already overwhelming but there is nothing you can do about it. All is as it should be.

It doesn't just stop with the keyholder generating a remote key. They can also generate update keys that will modify what's happening with the encryption. They can reward or punish by decreasing or increasing the time remaining. They can mess with your head by changing the display. There is plenty of room for your keyholder to be evil and teasing and totally controlling. But, then again, isn't that what you want?