Pol Pot's 1973 stretch Mercedes on eBay

Imagine the conversations and activities that took place inside Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot's limousine.

Mr. Pot killed about two million Cambodians (a quarter of the country's population) in the 1970s in order to live the high life. But you don't need to kill anyone to own this piece of history. You just have to be the high bidder on eBay.

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For Sale – one classic 1973 Mercedes Benz Stretch Limousine (short-wheel base stretch) – previously used by one infamous owner – Pol Pot who led the Khmer Rouge during its genocidal regime in Cambodia from 1975 – 1979.

Currently on display at the famous French colonial renakse hotel (Monireth Boulevard) – opposite the Kings' Royal Palace. The car was discovered by a previous editor of the Phnom Penh Post being used to transport water melon's to the Central Market (Psar Thmei). The current owner purchased the car in 2001 and has painstakingly restored it to its current glory.