Bizarre items from Sky Mall


Scans (and commentary) of bizarre gift items currently being advertised on all American Airlines flights in their in-flight catalog for SkyMall -- an online retailer at who have a tie-in with AA.

Bizarre gifts shown in this in-flight Xmas catalog include a high-tech, hand-cranked walking cane for seniors which features a headlight and distress alarm that have to be cranked into power by hand (with pics); a tacky bigfoot garden statue; mailorder meats; many devices that look like feminine sexual aids; "FAA-approved" devices to lug your wine around airports; TV visor eye glasses; an animatronic bust of Elvis Presley that moves robotically as it sings, and more tackiness/absurdity. All w/ pics.

If you like this kind of stuff, you'll love the SkyMaul catalog parody.