Amusing firing range targets

Last March, while in Vegas I took my first trip to a firing range (it's the kind of thing that really complements a day in LV, believe me). It being Vegas, we booked into the kind of firing range out in the desert that lets you rip loose with fully automatic weapons. My companion, a deadly former professional Quake player, was given an Uzi because "it's a ladies' machine-gun," and proceeded to fire short, accurate bursts into the right eye, left eye, and crotch of her target, causing our jarhead instructor to give her a very admiring look indeed. (I was a lot less impressive with my AK-47 — I explained that I was Canadian and the jarhead nodded knowingly)

For an extra five bucks, you could opt to replace your standard black silhouette target with one of these. I called them "Ron Jeremy threatens McCauley Culkin" and "We told you to stop dating your junkie boyfriend, dear! Our sort doesn't swap fluids with the laboring classes!" You could also opt for Saddam or Osama.

There's a licensing opportunity going begging here — why aren't Disney and Warners offering a wide selection of toons for target duty?