WiFi at Mecca during Muslim Hajj pilgrimage season

Millions of Muslim faithful will make their pilgrimage to Mecca soon for the Hajj. This year, they'll have Wi-Fi:

Thanks to Aptilo Networks and Tropos Networks, after the estimated three million pilgrims walk seven times counter-clockwise around the Kaaba and kiss (or simply point at) the sacred Black Stone, they can then MapQuest directions to Muzdalifah and perhaps IM a friend or give them a call using VoWi-Fi, so they can meet up and gather the pebbles they will need to perform the ritual of Stoning the Devil at Mina. Pilgrims can also access the streaming video at the official Ministry of Hajj web site, which sagely warns (in English), "Be peaceful, orderly, and kind. No crushing.

Link to Wi-Fiplanet.com item.

Incidentally, on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's website for the Ministry of Hajj, there's one page titled "How modern technology has been employed to facilitate the Hajj." Snip:

A sophisticated broadcasting network has been installed to cope with the requirements of the Hajj. The safety and comfort of the Hajjis has become a major concern for the authorities, necessitated by their sheer volume in recent years. The newly laid floor tiles were made of specially developed heat-resistant marble, and to further ensure the comfort of worshippers the whole structure is cooled by one of the world's largest air-conditioning units.