RIP "Curry Hell" restaurateur

Abdul Latif, beloved owner of the Ruplai Restaurant in Newcastle upon Tyne, has died at age 52. He was famous for his kindness (he offered free meals for five years to British soldiers who served in Iraq) as well as his "world's hottest curry," called Curry Hell.

From an advertisement:

 Img176 3333 Curryhelllx0 (Click on thumbnail for enlargement)

Anyone finishing the full portion of Curry Hell will not be charged for that dish. He or she will also be presented with a certificate of achivement. Anyone failing to finish the portion will be charged £6.95 for the dish. Should anyone die in the attempt, the cost of the dish will be incurred by the next of kin."

Mr. Latif and his establishment will not be responsible if your arsehole falls out the bottom of your trouser legs after eating Curry Hell.

If you have tried Curry Hell, please tell us about it in the comments.

Link (Via Nothing To Do With Arbroath)