U2 manager blames silicon valley's "hippy values" for making him less rich

CBC has an article about U2 manager Paul McGuinness' amusing tirade against ISPs who are "destroying the recorded music industry" with peer-to-peer file-sharing. Short version: blame the dirty hippies.

McGuinness said much of Silicon Valley arose out of "hippy values" that did not include a respect for copyright and established business models. Many of the area's entrepreneurs don't consider themselves "makers of burglary kits," he said.

"There are plenty of private equity fund managers who are Deadheads," he said, a reference to hippy icons The Grateful Dead. "And embedded deep down in the brilliance of those entrepreneurial, hippy values seems to be a disregard for the true value of music."

Here's a nice photo of Mr. McGuinness and Mr. Vox holding up a sheet of paper calling up the UK government to support a copyright extension for recorded music.