Boing Boing tv: Text-o-possum / Your Psycho Girlfriend

Xeni dons a tutu made of baby heads on today's Boing Boing tv: we visit the workshop of Your Psycho Girlfriend, creators of demented couture and cyborg marsupials from the future.

One of those mammal-machine hybrids is the text-o-possum (we meet him around 02:27). The left rear leg of this taxidermied texter hides a bluetooth keyboard projector that shoots ASCII into the ether with red lasers. No, really.

In part two of today's episode (around 3:09), a Boing Boing operative tests out the text-o-possum's capabilities for enterprise computing in an urban business environment. A elderly lady walks up and pets text-o-possum, then all hell breaks loose. And by hell, we mean comedy.

Link to full BBtv post with video, discussion, and credits.

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