BBtv: Speed Cabling — competitive ethernet detangling sport.

Today on Boing Boing tv:

Xeni visits the first-ever "Cable Untangling Championships" at Machine Project in Los Angeles, where knottiness abounds and speedy-fingered sysadmins pwn the world.

"Cabling" is a new sport founded by Steven Schkolne in which competitors must race to detangle bundles of CAT-5 ethernet cables. The person who unravels their wire bundle the fastest at this particular meet wins a spaghetti dinner (hm, perhaps it's all a front for Pastafarianism).

Cabling enthusiasts are not fooling around: there are detailed rules about the types of wire permitted:

CAT-5 Ethernet cables are to be used. Contestants may use any cable they wish, as long as it is capable of carrying 100Mb/s prior to competition. During competition, the colors red, blue, and yellow are used for the 7, 15, and 25 foot cables resepectively.

Link to full post with video, discussion, and "tangling regulations" on Boing Boing tv.