Has your website been unfairly blocked by censorware?


The shortcomings of internet filtering software are a recurring topic of gripage here on Boing Boing — nannyware providers including SmartFilter have routinely misclassified us as "porn," "nudity," and so on. The result: BB fans can't access BB when they're using filtered networks (think: schools, libraries, state-controlled ISPs in less-than-democratic countries like, oh, I dunno, the UAE or Saudi Arabia or Iran).

We receive emails from our readers regularly about this — "I can't get to BB on my breaks here at Halliburton;" "I can't afford 'net access at home so I visit the local library, and you're blocked," and so on. Recently David Byrne blogged about having been blocked from accessing boingboing.net while surfing at Denver International Airport.

So here's a question for BB readers. Has your blog or website been unfairly or inaccurately blocked by censorware? Or perhaps you have a favorite site that's inaccessible, because some nannyware app incorrectly classifies it? If you have a story to share, tell us about it in the comments, and be sure to include details on which censorware provider(s) and site(s).