Interview with Johnny Hiro creator Fred Chao

Matt Springer interviewed Johnny Hiro creator Fred Chao for HeavyInk.

200803181735It's rare that a new series will grab you by the back of the head and smack your face into a soft, comfy cushion of fun goodness. Yet that's exactly what Johnny Hiro does. It's hard to describe in the usual Hollywood pitch-style loglines — "Scott Pilgrim meets Bruce Lee and dates an adorable girl in a fantastically weird New York City" is about as close as you'll get, but even that doesn't convey the pure energy and enthusiasm evident in every panel of Johnny Hiro.

An illustrator and graphic designer by trade, writer/artist Fred Chao has published three issues of Johnny Hiro through AdHouse Books. He took some time to talk about his influences and inspirations, as well as the background on how Johnny Hiro came to be.