OAEPBBR: Obligatory Annual Easter Peeps Boing Boing Post

* Above, a short film by 16-year old Boing Boing pal Charis Tobias, and her cool mom, Marylew.

* Here is the Washington Post's second annual Peep Diorama contest. (Thanks, Jean)

* Jason Day says, "My wife made a Buffy-themed diorama ("Bunny the Vampire Slayer") for the Chicago Tribune's Peeps diorama contest (craftzine blogged about the contest here). She didn't finish by the deadline, but it turned out really well, and just in time for Easter."

* "Fear of Flight," a stop-motion short in which an Easter peep meets an untimely demise. (thanks, Billy)

* Candyblogger Cybele points us to some Peeps as Maori statues on Easter Island. "Bunny shaped Cocoa Peeps, to be exact," she explains, "hewn from pure sugar with a touch of gelatin."

* Reader Brian H. would like all peep-lovers in Boingdom to know about "two dioramas that were rejected from The Chicago Tribune's Peeps contest. One revolves around a black metal band playing a high school and the dire consequences therein, and the other is a simple tribute to an old Edward Gorey book."

* This week's edition of Web Zen, which is regularly re-blogged here on Boing Boing, is all about peeps, cadbury bunnies, and other anthropomorphic cavity inducers.

* And Sarah O'Sullivan says,

Last year BoingBoing featured my husband Dan Paddock's and my entry into our local newspaper's Easter marshmallow peeps diorama contest (York Daily Record, York, PA.) Our diorama, "We Come In Peeps," won second place.
We thought you might like to see this year's entry, "Peepzilla, King of All Marshmallows." And no, I don't know which marshmallow bunny is Raymond Burr.

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