Gorilla suit making workshop

John Young, a contributor to MAKE, is going to host a gorilla suit making workshop in Philadelphia. He says:


I thought you or someone you know might enjoy an opportunity to come to Philly this fall and pool your talents with others to construct a gorilla suit to your/their own exacting specifications (motorcycle helmet? jetpack mounts? swordcane?)

To educate my friends about old-school Gorilla Suit madcappery and tell them what I have planned, I've put this together.

No single article of clothing is as versatile as the gorilla suit. You can wear a gorilla suit to an embassy party, to a jewel heist, to a high-speed car chase, and then practice your slamdunks in it, all in a single evening. Without a well-constructed, well-tailored, and suitably altered gorilla suit (do you need boot-cut legs to go over your ski bindings?) your closet is sadly lacking. But the fancy-dress gorilla suits of the past aren't made anymore. Even the patterns to sew your own are out of print. That's a tragedy.

People with fiberglass skills especially welcome. Those masks are hard!