AntiPhormLite confounds BT's spyware by simulating random browsing

If you're pissed off that BT and other ISPs are using software like Phorm to track your browsing habits, you could try out AntiPhormLite, an app that generates a never-ending string of spyware radar-chaff, running a second browser that continuously, plausibly browses the web, screwing up your profile and confounding the snoops. They've posted the full source for audit as well.

AntiPhormLite runs independently and silently in the background of your PC. It connects to the web and intelligently simulates natural surfing behavior across thousands of customizable topics. This creates a background noise of false information disguising and inverting your own interests. We believe our technology is indistinguishable from that of a typical user engaging the internet. To support this claim we have introduced a preview mode that works with any of your preferred browsers, and together with a detailed reporting system and a host of custom options each AntiPhormLite will appear unique.

We encourage you to use AntiPhormLite. It's free. Share it with everyone you know. If enough of us use AntiPhorm, profiling and data mining could become a profit loss industry. This beta release will continue to be developed with your input, ideas and support, so please get involved. We value your feedback. For detailed information on the software visit our software and faq pages.