Lego boulder threatens civilization. Update: ugh, "stealth" viral campaign.

Jacob Appelbaum was one of many folks who went to see the new Indiana Jones movie, and hated it. About this internet video, in which a giant Lego-covered styrofoam boulder hurls towards hapless victims, he says, "I was happy to see that someone else was as nostalgic as me." UPDATE: oh nooooooes, we have been duped by a sneaky viral marketing campaign. I HATE YOU INTERNET MARKETERS. Take this conversation and shove it.

BB commenter MGABRYSSF explains,

It's viral from the Sausalito marketing group "Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners". The YouTube account holder google's to an "office food blog" which shows him in the background of BSSP. They have the LucasArts games account. They're located on Liberty Way which I've worked in the same building and recognized it from the photos. As soon as I revealed this on the YouTube comments section I got blocked and the posts were deleted. The initial "behind the scenes" photo on flickr was also taken down. It was CC so I mirrored it on Flickr and attributed the owner (as per CC guidelines). Of course – he had kittens over that. He claimed that Gizmodo violated Creative Commons and some such bullshit. Gizmodo also linked to the source so that's a stretch of an excuse. Fuck the phonies.

Commenter Agent86 adds,

Also, they lied and said it was a million legos, or something along those lines – that would have been impressive. As it is, it looks like they took an hour or so to glue a few hundred legos to the outside of some garbage – not so impressive. I say we smash their cars with a giant rubber-band ball!

Yeah. 5 stars for execution, it's a great video — but 5 star-neutralizing black holes of righteous and wrathful internet scorn for being douchey. (also spotted on Laughing Squid)