Wallpaper designed by Mark Mothersbaugh


LA Weekly has an article about Devo frontman Mark Mothers­baugh's print-to-order wallpaper designs.

Mark Mothersbaugh wants to put snakes on your wall. Now that the Devo lead singer and composer of film, television and commercial soundtracks has conquered the world of fine rugs, he's set his designs, literally, on wallpaper. One pattern he's calling "Black Forest" is a mutated collage of a 19th-century image of a bird. Those who recoil at the idea of reptiles splayed 24/7 across the walls of their kitchen should steer clear of "Snakes in a Tree," a pattern of snakes, in trees. The unenlightened might find this one creepy, but Mothersbaugh's wife, Anita, pictures it in a kids' playroom, to enhance a safari-adventure theme. On the other hand, "Don't Be Koi," with its cheerful orange fish patterns, would be lovely even in Martha Stewart's bathroom.

"I used to hate wallpaper," Mothersbaugh is saying. "I was a maintenance man for an apartment building in downtown Akron, Ohio, and it was so hard to remove. The wallpaper needed to be changed every so often, and peeling it away unleashed the aromas of the decades – as well as the styles. It was like peeling layers off an onion."