Security kooks' accusations force bus-spotter to give up lifelong hobby

A Gloucester bus-spotter ("omnibologist") is being forced to abandon his 40-year-old hobby of snapping pictures of busses and trams because security kooks keep calling him a terrorist and even a pedophile. A 30,000-photo veteran shooter, Rob McCaffrey's been at this since he was ten, and he says that the harassment in the UK is off the charts — worse than in former Soviet states.

The credit controller, from Gloucester, says he now suffers "appalling" abuse from the authorities and public who doubt his motives.

The bus-spotter, officially known as an omnibologist, said: "Since the 9/11 attacks there has been a crackdown.

"The past two years have absolutely been the worst. I have had the most appalling abuse from the public, drivers and police over-exercising their authority.

Mr McCaffery, who is married, added: "We just want to enjoy our hobby without harassment.

"I can deal with the fact someone might think I'm a terrorist, but when they start saying you're a paedophile it really hurts."


(Thanks, BritSwedeGuy!)