Programmer and murderer Hans Reiser leads police to wife's remains

Authorities in Oakland, CA are recovering Nina Reiser's remains after the Linux programmer-turned murderer Hans Reiser led police to the burial site just hours ago. Snip from ABC News:

We spoke with the office of Reiser's attorney, William Dubois. They confirmed to us that Dubois and Reiser accompanied police into the park Monday afternoon. ABC News reports Reiser led them to his wife's remains.

The body was found in a bag, buried deep in a ravine. The bag was well concealed and could have been easily overlooked. The remains have not yet been exhumed. Present at the scene were Judge Goodman, members of the district attorney's office, Oakland police and Alameda sheriffs.

Hans Reiser leads police to wife's remains
[ ABC News, thanks Jake Appelbaum; image courtesy ABC News. ]

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