R.I.P. Kat Kinkade

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Gareth Branwyn says:

Kat Kinkade has died. Kat was the founder of Twin Oaks Community, the place where I basically grew up. I travelled there two days after graduating high school. I was there for 6-1/2 years. So much of the foundation of who I am was forged on the anvil of that community experience. I don't hold all of the same beliefs I did then, but I credit the freedom found in that great social experiment as the greatest gift I could have received as an evolving human intelligence unit. In my life, I've had the profound pleasure of sitting at the feet of, learning from, counting as friends, some true giants of 20th/21st century counter-culture, people possessed of big personalities, stunning intellects, relentless work ethics, grand plans and great ideas. Kat Kinkade was my first.

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