EFF forces spoon-bender Geller to eat crow over bogus copyright claim

Over on Boing Boing Gadgets, our John sets off a firework in celebration of EFF's latest victory: forcing "psychic" Uri Geller to eat crow:

The outcome was predictable to anyone with an ice cream scoop worth of brain jelly slapped into their skull cavity, but professional psychic Uri Geller somehow didn't see it coming: his company, Explorologist Ltd., had its spoon bent by the EFF yesterday over a frivolous DMCA takedown notice Geller sent to the creators of a 13 minute YouTube video debunking Geller's supernatural powers… a video which happened to contain a ten second copyrighted clip of one of his performances. Fair use, in other words.

The EFF has really made Geller eat it here: not only has he been forced to withdraw, but they made him license the clip in question as non-commercial Creative Commons to boot, so as to freely aid the efforts of other skeptics. Right on, EFF!

"Psychic" spoon-bender Uri Geller pwned by EFF,

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