Stasi-themed bar in Berlin

Marilyn sez, "Relive the good old days of East German secret police at Zur Firma, a new bar in Berlin equipped with an interrogation table, fake security cameras, and prison cells. You can buy a beer and apply for an ID card at the theme bar."

Make a day of Cold War anti-nostalgia with a visit to the Stasi Museum around the corner, which shows off the offices of the last minister of the secret police who flourished before the Wall came down. There are even prison cells to reenact the fates of those who were brought to the grim, blocky building.

When that display becomes too much, buy a beer and apply for an ID card at the theme bar, called "The Company" or "At the Firm." The cards will mark you as a Stasi informant, but also get you a ten percent discount–not at all offensive to the victims of the reign of terror perpetrated by the secret police.

Paranoia Travel: Get Spied on at This Scary German Bar

(Thanks, Marilyn!)