Dog cloner suspected to be kidnapper of Mormon missionary sex slave in 1978


Bernann McKinney from California paid a South Korea cloning lab £25,000 to make a duplicate her dear departed pitbull Booger from a piece of the dog's ear tissue. When the story hit the news with photos of McKinney, many people in the UK said Bernann McKinney looks an awful lot like an infamous fugitive named Joyce McKinney who has been on the lam for 30 years.

In 1978, Joyce McKinney jumped bail and disappeared after being charged with kidnapping a 17-stone male Mormon missionary, whom she had chained to a Devon cottage bed with mink handcuffs and forced to have sex.

At the time, she famously said of her victim: 'I loved him so much that I would ski naked down Mount Everest with a carnation up my nose if he asked me to.'

Were these two blonde, American, dog-loving and, yes, quite possibly barking mad, Miss McKinneys one and the same person?

A cloned dog, a Mormon in mink-lined handcuffs and a tantalising mystery (Daily Mail)