iPod briefing: a few quick snaps, a few new apps.

I met with some folks from Apple today to fondle the new nano-goods announced at the big event this week, and to touch the new Touch. The candy-colored nanos fit well in my hand -- heh, okay, too well (sorry security guy!). I couldn't stop moving them vertical/horizontal/vertical to play with the accelerometer functions, and was impressed by how well something so small displays video (I'm curious to check out how Boing Boing tv episodes look on 'em... one in particular).

The new Touch is a nice upgrade, too; the fellow who demoed it for me showed me some of the new apps coming out later on this year. Most impressive of these was Need for Speed: Undercover from EA, shown publicly during the launch event yesterday. Crisp, aggressive, felt a lot like a console in the important ways. Pretty phenomenal, the growing app-o-verse, considering it only hatched what, 60 days ago?

Bottom line on this week's news: steady, incremental improvements on already-loved products. Here are some snaps i took, (Flickr).

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