(BBtv) BB Gadgets' Joel at Outside Lands: Crowdfire deconstructed

Boing Boing Gadgets editor Joel Johnson checks out Crowdfire, a sort of real-life social media experiment at the Outside Lands Music fest. The experiment allows concertgoers to upload, share, remix, and "favorite" photos, audio and video they shot themselves… during the event. Some of that media was projected on the stage while bands played, and all of it was made available online.

Crowdfire (with Windows) is Boing Boing tv's sponsor this month, and the project was the brainchild of BB partner and FM founder/CEO John Battelle and Rick Farman, the festival developer who created Outside Lands.

Crowdfire is sort of like an event-centric Flickr or videosharing site, but on a very large scale — some 60K+ people attended the concert each day, and as Battelle said, probably 59,000 of them were carrying cameraphones.

Link to Boing Boing tv blog post with downloadable video, discussion, and BBtv video podcast subscription instructions.

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(Special thanks to Bre and Wayne for the bus; to Virgin America for generously providing air transportation)