Beach Dreams

I saw a nostalgic photo in the bathroom of a NY City restaurant recently, a picture of the beach at Coney Island and the ocean was absolutely filled with people from where the water met the shore to as far out as people could stand. It was such a great picture that could be interpreted two different ways: what an awful thing to go to a crowded beach OR what an amazing time you'd have in the middle of all those people enjoying the day of the beach. Think of its opposite — the island beach with white sand and nothing but you and nature, the kind of photos you find in "Travel and Leisure" magazine. It's another setting that could be seen and experienced two different ways — I've found paradise because I can lie on this beautiful beach or, an hour later, I'm bored because there's nobody here and nothing to do. One test is to ask yourself what you'd have done as a kid. The kid has to prefer the crowded beach with lots going on.