Open Rights Group's busiest-ever year

Michael Holloway from the UK Open Rights Group sez,

Today we're proud to release ORG's annual Review of Activities. It's been a bumper year for digital rights. From HMRC posting half the UK's bank details to the Darknet, to the ongoing campaign against Phorm, to three strikes and the rightsholder lobby's so-far thwarted attempt to take control of your internet connection, this year was the year digital rights went mainstream. Thanks to generous support from the ORG community, we've been there giving an informed perspective on the issues to the natonal press, working with policymakers behind the scenes and mobilising the grassroots into effective action.

Threats to our digital liberties continue to menace us. 2009 will see new challenges, such as the Government's proposed Intercept Modernisation Programme. That's why, as we celebrate ORG's third birthday, we're also asking the community to renew their support for ORG. The ORG-GRO campaign is delivering excellent results (huge thanks to all the people who have contributed so far). But the leap from 750 to 1000 fivers received each month is not yet enough to guarantee us long term financial stability. We must reach our target of 1500 fivers before the end of the year. And we can't do that without you.

ORG review of activities,

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(Thanks, Michael!)

(Disclosure: I co-founded ORG and am proud to serve on its advisory board)