Douglas Rushkoff teaching online course: Life Incorporated

Our friend and guest blogger alum, Douglas Rushkoff is teaching an online course, Life Incorporated, through the MaybeLogic Academy beginning January 12, for six weeks.

Students” will get a working draft of book chapters (to be published
in June by RandomHouse US and UK) as well as six weeks of discussion
and interrogation of the issues within and beyond them. I’ll be doing
some live video lectures, as well, and inviting participants to help
devise ways of restoring bottom-up commerce and social exchange to a
world that seems incapable of abandoning its faulty, top-down,
disconnected way of extracting value from people.

But the bulk of the exploration will be history, economics and social
theory: How did corporatism become the dominant cultural ideology and
operating system, who did it benefit, how did we internalize it, and
what keeps it running?

Corporatized: An Alternative To Corporatism & Beyond