Electronic Frontiers Australia spokesman receives death threat for opposing the Great Firewall of Australia

Ed James sez, "A News.com.au article describing how a vocal critic of the Australian Government's plan ISP-level internet filtering was threatened by telephone and warned to stay silent.

For me and all right-minded Australian, this is a new low in this absurdist plot. We are so busy laughing at George Bush's America, we didn't notice we are fast becoming the laughing stock of the free world."

I guess if you're the kind of person willing to suppress the intellectual liberty of an entire nation in a half-baked scheme to fight the child-porn bogeyman, it's not a huge stretch to suppressing the intellectual liberty of your opponents with intimidation.

"I got home from work and found a message on my answering machine telling me to keep my name out of the paper," he said.

"It said to 'cut the libertarian bullsh–' or I'd be sorry."

Under the Government's controversial plan all Australians will be served a "clean feed" by internet service providers, with websites on a secret blacklist blocked.

Death threats are rattling, no matter how trivial they may seem. Though the American guy who was calling my UK mobile number at 4AM last spring was so incompetent and fumbletongued in his voicemails that I worried more that he'd choke on his own slobber than make it across the pond to me.

Electronic Frontiers Australia member Geordie Guy receives death threat over web filter plan

(Thanks, Ed!)