Tourists reenacting the cover of Abbey Road — timelapse video

"Garble Arch" is a short timelapse film of tourists at the Abbey Road zebra crossing reenacting the iconic cover of the Beatles album. London's full of spots like these, where tourism and the needs of locals to get their life underway collide; my favorite are the luxury flats that line the route of the (absolutely excellent) Jack the Ripper tours of east London. All summer long, as they dine with their windows flung open to catch the evening breeze, out-of-work actors stand beneath them with groups of tourists, propounding the grisly deaths that Jack the Ripper wrought on this very spot, lovingly describing the slaughter as they try to get some supper down.

Blame Ringo – Garble Arch (A Day in the Life of Abbey Road)

(via Kottke)