Web Software Seller Won't Take No for an Answer


A promotion arrived in my email, offering 40 percent off on products from a company I'd done business with in the past. I was interested in a website construction tool that's gotten good reviews, and clicked the Buy button:

rv buy dg22.png

Without my asking, the company had added "Extended Download Service" for an extra few dollars. I dislike this kind of thing — unrequested add-ons that have little utility in any case– and I know I'm not alone in feeling this way.

backupdownload dg22.png

In any case, I clicked the trashcan to remove the extended download service (something that any user could do at no extra cost with any remotely serious kind of backup system), and got back here:backup removed dg22.png

I entered the promotional code and clicked "Apply" — and what shows up again on the next screen? You guessed it: that extended download service:

backup restored dg22.png

At this point I closed that tab in my browser.

I realize we're in a recession, but this kind of behavior doesn't win new customers.

UPDATE: See this comment from the company in response. Apparently the retailer in question is the US reseller for the company that makes the product. Hope they'll straighten out their reseller, which seems to be the intention based on the comments.