Lunar junk

Here's a pretty good roundup, courtesy of Scienceray, of all the human-made junk left behind on the Moon. I think you could probably finance a private moonshot by preselling all this stuff to museums and collectors!

The Apollo program left behind it (as did Lunokhod 2) several vital pieces of Lunar laser ranging equipment. Lasers down here on earth are pointed at the ones on the moon and the time in which it takes the light to return is measured. In this way the distance to the moon can be measured and monitored. Apollo 11 left the first one in 1969 and it has had forty years of continuous operation ever since. Apart from these few pieces of equipment, the rest of the items on the surface of the moon are redundant – or destroyed by impact. Welcome to the most distant trash can we have.

Lunar Leftovers: How the Moon Became a Trash Can

(Thanks, RJ!)