Everything you need to know about Sony's E3 press conference


Over at Offworld, after Sony's marathon two hour E3 press conference, I've summed up the most important highlights which — surprisingly, after recent rampant leaks — did have some secrets in store, including:

* a new PlayStation 3 motion control setup to rival Microsoft's Natal and Nintendo's enhanced MotionPlus Wii controller

* a fresh lineup of third party PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable exclusives from GTA creators Rockstar, Square Enix with a new online Final Fantasy, and Konami's Hideo Kojima with a new PSP exclusive Metal Gear Solid sequel

* more PSP as music/video media center integration

* and new additions to its overarching socially-enabled 'play, create, share' lineup

See E309: the 5 things you need to know about Sony's press conference for the full details.