@BBVBOX: recent guest-tweeted web video picks (boingboingvideo.com)

(Ed. Note: We recently gave the Boing Boing Video website a makeover that includes a new, guest-curated microblog: the "BBVBOX." Here, folks whose taste in web video we admire tweet the latest clips they find. I'll be posting periodic roundups here on the motherBoing.)

  • Andrea James: Not everyone was happy 40 years ago. Gil Scott-Heron's "Whitey on the Moon": Link
  • Richard Metzger: Emotional Japanese Fangirls Shock Harry Potter and Ron Weasley Link #harrypotter
  • Jesse Thorn: Tales of Fraud and Malfeasance in Railroad Hiring Practices. Probably the most important comedy sketch ever. Link
  • Andrea James: Before the Civic-Minded Five was the Civic-Minded One: James Norcross, aka Super President! (thx Cal): Link
  • Jesse Thorn: How much do I love this clip of P. Diddy dancing at the Q-Tip show in New York? Very much. Summer fun! Link
  • Richard Metzger: Robot French Disco Pop inspired by Star Wars (1977) Have Daft Punk seen this? Link
  • Jesse Thorn: Cheech & Chong discuss the economy, and then for some reason do a Tron parody of some kind. Brand new! Link
  • Richard Metzger: The Lolita Question: Who was the real Humbert Humbert? Link
  • Richard Metzger: The OFFICIAL video (30 years later) of "88 Lines about 44 Women" by The Nails' Marc Campbell NSFWish Link
  • Jesse Thorn: I've been jamming to Bemba Colora by Celia Cruz & the Fania All Stars for about two weeks. Here's a great vid Link
  • Andrea James: Mr. Tim does a live-looping demo: Link
  • Richard Metzger: John Lennon on Monday Night Football w/ Howard Cosell (1974) Link
  • Jesse Thorn: Buzz Aldrin punches Bart Sibrel, BS conspiracy theorist, in the face. (I don't think it was a sole puncher.) Link

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