Sf great Geoff Ryman seeks aspiring composer to set Dante to music for podcast of the award-winning novel THE CHILD GARDEN

Geoff Ryman, author of the stellar novel The Child Garden (a book in which cancer is cured with the side effect of reducing human lifespan to 30 or so), needs your help:

I'm looking for a composer to collaborate on a podcast project, an audio version of my novel The Child Garden. The novel is in part about a musician who sets all of Dante's Divine Comedy to music. I'm hoping to provide excerpts from this fictional opera as part of the podcast, short interludes of contemporary classical music for orchestra and voice, to be sung in Italian. It would be used in key scenes and as signature music for the serial podcast.

How many such interludes and how long they are would be up to you as I can't pay anything. I'm hoping that the project would appeal to someone needing to compose music for a dissertation or doctorate. The music would of course remain your copyright; my site would link to yours, provide a biography and help to maximise publicity and PR value for you. The Child Garden won the Arthur C Clarke Award, the John W Campbell Award (first place) and an excerpt from it won the British Science Fiction Association Award.

I fell in love with this book when Jeff VanderMeer gave it to me for my birthday when we were both at Clarion in 1992. I've thought about it more or less constantly ever since. I only wish I was a musician so that I could work on this.

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