Free download: tribute to The Clash's Sandinista!


A few years ago, writer Jimmy Guterman produced The Sandinista Project, in which 36 performers each covered one song from the Clash's Sandinista! Jimmy writes to tell us he's doing something with it online today:

"It's Joe Strummer's birthday, a good day to give Clash fans a present. The Sandinista Project didn't set any sales record and of course the number of copies shared on the Net was greater than the number we sold. We didn't undertake the project to make ourselves any money (it was a charity record) so I didn't mind that it was available everywhere for free. But it did bother me that so many of the torrented versions sounded like crap.To rectify this situation, for one day only, we're offering, without charge,the full record in good quality, as well as one bonus cut and PDFs of the CD booklet and packaging. And hurry up: this is a 24-hour offer. At midnight Pacific Time tonight, it's gone."
The Sandinista Project: free for one day only!