@BBVBOX: recent guest-tweeted web video picks (boingboingvideo.com)

(Ed. Note: The Boing Boing Video site includes a guest-curated microblog: the "BBVBOX." Here, folks whose taste in web video we admire tweet the latest clips they find. We'll post roundups here on the motherBoing.)

  • Jesse Thorn: Patton Oswalt does some great material from his new comedy album on Letterman. Link
  • Sean Bonner: Yokai and Yurei on NHK part 1 – Link
  • Jesse Thorn: New York Public TV of the 1970s: "Soul!" featuring Earth Wind & Fire, Ron Carter, Max Roach & more… Link
  • Richard Metzger: Sesso Matto: Greatest Seventies Italian Sex Comedy Soundtrack of All? Link
  • Jesse Thorn: A few beautiful videos of the Chicago (and Detroit) partner dance style known as "Steppin'" Link
  • Jesse Thorn: Albert Brooks presents "Comedy School" (via @lonelysandwich): Link
  • Andrea James: "Flowers" by Emilie Simon: Link
  • Richard Metzger: Uninsured US Citizen Posts Video About Health Care on Sarah Palin's FB Page Link
  • Andrea James: Boing Boing cultural exchange. Brazil's Sabrina Boing Boing primarily covers Silicone Valley: Link
  • Andrea James: 'American Psycho' meets Talking Heads. Miles Fisher covers "This Must Be The Place": Link
  • Andrea James: You know you're culturally significant when… 30 Rock, the porno (some language, no n00dz): Link
  • Richard Metzger: Sex Crazy Cop Link
  • Xeni Jardin: The Porpoise Driven Life. Link (thanks, Mark Kleiman)

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