Notes from the San Francisco Zine Fest: Doctor Popular

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Carla and I had a nice time at the 2009 San Francisco Zine Fest on Sunday. This week and next, I'm sharing some of the photos I took of the zinesters who came to sell their comics and zines. I'll post a new photo each day.

This is Doctor Popular, a professional yo-yoist and cartoonist. I bought a couple of "24-hour" comic books from him, which are 24-page comic books that were created in 24 consecutive hours. My favorite is Robots Don't Know Anything about Twitter. Doc Pop made the comic by tweeting "Robots don't know anything about…" and used the answers that his friends tweeted back as the panels for the comic. Fun!

I don't know if he sold out of the print version of Robots Don't Know Anything about Twitter, as it had a print run of 100 copies (each cover was hand colored!), but he is giving it away as a free PDF. What a swell guy that Doc is.

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