Botfly maggot removed from head — the video

Video of a woman named Vanessa with a botfly maggot in her scalp. Vanessa got it when she went to Belize. She was planning to go to the doctor to have it removed, but she couldn't stand feeling it and hearing it crawl around under her skin, so she asked her boyfriend (or husband?) to remove it. He wasn't able to get it out (using a bottle full of smoke) so later that day she went to the doctor, but the doctor wasn't able to remove it, either. However, the doctor put a piece of tape over the hole, which cut off the maggot's air supply. Several hours after Vanessa got home, the maggot tried crawling out of the hole, and that's when her friend was able to pull it out.

Yes, it's gross, but it is also a very well made and informative short video. (via Bits & Pieces)