A geeky introduction to cheap remote control helicopters and planes

Here's Dan Shapiro's geeky, fun, and inspiring five-minute Ignite talk about becoming a remote control hobbyist for under $100. He writes:

I've done a number of Ignite talks (5 minutes on a geek-friendly topics) but this was by far my favorite.  Topics covered:

* Helicopter aerodynamics

* Battery technology

* The scourge of GDS, Glue Deficiency Syndrome

* Moore's law as applied to RC aircraft
and most importantly

* A detailed buying guide that will get you airborne for under a hectobuck.

Also a few shout-outs to little known aspects of the hobby world, like flying boats and 150 mph+ gliders.  If this doesn't make you spend a few bucks on getting cheap chinese electronics airborne (and then suddenly and unexpectedly groundborne again), nothing will.

Geeking out aero-style for a hundred bucks