Small Beer sf press book-sale to benefit Franciscan Children's Hospital

Small Beer Press is an astoundingly good independent science fiction press run by Gavin Grant and the brilliant short story writer Kelly Link. Kelly has been in Franciscan Children's Hospital with their newborn, Ursula, having moved in after Ursula's early tenure at Ronald McDonald House following her very premature birth last February (she weighed 1 Lb, 9 oz at birth!).

Now, Gavin ("Mr Kelly Link") Grant sez, "Small Beer Press is having a pre-end-of-the-decade sale + big old fundraiser for Franciscan Children's Hospital (where Kelly Link & Gavin's daughter Ursula is being looked after very well -- she is taking a nap right now after a very busy day!). Here are the basics: All our books (even the preorders) are on sale -- and $1 from every book (or ebook, zine, subscription, etc.) goes to Franciscan. And, if items are ordered at full price, we will donate the difference between the full price and the sale price to Franciscan! Finally: check out the baby + World Fantasy Awards pic -- eldritch or cute, you decide!"

ZOMG. My cute gland just ran out of cutenalin. Hey, Gavin! the Federal Cuteness
Commission called to say that you're operating a powerful unlicensed
cuton emitter and it's interfering with air traffic control systems.

Kelly & Gavin on Mike FM & a sale--all for Franciscan

(Thanks, Gavin!)