August 29th: Legendary jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis plays songs from 'The In Crowd'

Hands down one of the greatest of all time! Composer and pianist Ramsey Lewis will be streaming live on August 29th to support the Jazz Foundation of America.

I have already bought my ticket.

Stage It:

GRAMMY® Award-winning pianist and NEA Jazz Master Ramsey Lewis presents an exclusive concert experience Saturday August 29th at 1:00 PM Central Time - Ramsey Lewis Plays Songs From The In Crowd!

Ramsey Lewis has recorded over 81 albums and has received seven gold records and three Grammy Awards in his storied career. In the mid 60’s, Lewis was the nation’s most successful jazz pianist, topping the charts with "The 'In' Crowd". The single sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. Now Ramsey is revisiting this classic record with a very special Saturday Salon - Ramsey Lewis Plays Songs From The In Crowd! “The In Crowd” provided Ramsey Lewis with his biggest hit reaching the top position on the Billboard R&B Chart and No. 2 on their top 200 albums chart in 1965 and the single, “The ‘In’ Crowd” reaching No. 2 on the R&B Chart and No. 5 on the Hot 100 singles chart in the same year. The album also received a Grammy Award in 1966 for Best Instrumental Jazz Performance by an Individual or Group and the single was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 2009.

A portion of the proceeds from each performance benefits The Jazz Foundation of America. The JFA is one of the leading non-profit organizations focused on aiding jazz musicians in this international time of need.

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My puppy upon waking up this morning

Before returning to her mom's home for a few weeks, my daughter taught Electra to sleep in her bed...while I was asleep in mine.

In an effort to maintain the housebreaking while acknowledging and encouraging my daughter's canine liberation efforts and subterfuge, I will be sleeping with the puppy in her room until it can be trusted in mine.

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Good morning, I love life! #puppy #salutation #goldenretriever #cute #fuzzy #adorable #dogsofinstagram

A post shared by Electra (@electra___cute) on Jul 26, 2020 at 6:17am PDT

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Stand Up 4 America aims to turn the US senate blue

A bunch of comedians teamed up to try and flip the US Senate. Full of disgusting and terrible traitors to democracy, the US Senate needs some change.


Jack Black, Moby, Keb’ Mo’ and Others to Provide Content to Raise

Funds for “Get Mitch or Die Trying”

Los Angeles, California (July 14, 2020) – Stand Up 4 America, an LA-based group of scrappy entertainment industry pros, will take aim at the GOP’s Senate majority in support of the “Get Mitch or Die Trying” campaign, raising funds to turn the Senate blue in the November election. The group will unleash a batch of original content from talent such as comic actor and Tenacious D singer/songwriter Jack Black, techno visionary Moby, five-time Grammy-winning blues great Keb’ Mo’, television actor/writer Michael Boatman, actor Terry O’Quinn, performance artist/actress Ann Magnuson, singer/songwriter Jill Sobule and others.

Starting July 14th, visitors to can access all this content for free. They’ll be invited to make an optional donation of any amount they can afford to The funds will support Democratic candidates for Senate in several crucial swing states via the “Get Mitch or Die Trying” fund from Crooked Media, a political media company founded by former President Obama staffers known for its podcast Pod Save America and others.

Stand Up 4 America (SU4A) is a media company that grew out of a local Los Angeles chapter of national activism juggernaut Swing Left.

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I know a kid who will be building the LEGO Ideas International Space Station

This LEGO Ideas version of the International Space Station pretty much made my 10-year-old nephew's head explode.

Complete with astronaut minifigs and a mini-Space Shuttle, this 864 piece kit is pretty hard to turn away from.

LEGO Ideas International Space Station 21321 Building Kit, Adult Set for Display, Makes a Great Birthday Present, New 2020 (864 Pieces) Read the rest

Zabrecky and Mike O'Brien try to summon the spirit of Andy Rooney

Other Side with Zabrecky is my favorite web series. I do not think Andy Rooney appreciates it much. Read the rest

WATCH: New 'Hamilton' movie trailer released, Disney film premieres July 3

Disney has just released a first look trailer for the new 'Hamilton' film. Read the rest

Watch: 40 Irish women artists sing 'Dreams' by The Cranberries to raise funds for domestic abuse victims

In this amazing music video, 40 women musical artists from Ireland perform 'Dreams' by The Cranberries to raise funds for SAFE IRELAND, which supports women and children affected by domestic abuse. Read the rest

Fortnite goes Waterworld

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 is an amazing tribute to Kevin Costner's epic Waterworld.

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This absolutely terrible reality tv premise makes for great entertainment

For such a terrible idea Opposite Worlds is shockingly fun to watch. Filmed in 2014 this reality tv disasterpiece has two teams facing off each week. One team has been living in a super modern home with all the advantages, and the other is emulating neanderthal living.

You will be unsurprised at how well-fed people getting lots of rest can outperform folks forced to huddle together for warmth and poop in a pit toilet!

I laugh and laugh as the show struggles to create some sort of competition. I hope they bring it back. Read the rest

'Gone with the Wind' gone from HBO Max

The streaming service HBO Max has removed the Civil War racist fantasy film “Gone with the Wind” from its service. Read the rest

Grandpa gets a little too carried away with the VR headset

Man, 81, goes on rampage with HTC Vive VR headset

New Studio Ghibli film coming this year from Hayao Miyazaki and son Goro Miyazaki

Later this year, Studio Ghibli will release Aya to Majo (“Aya and the Witch"), a new feature film from Hayao Miyazaki. The animation auteur's son Goro Miyazaki directed the film, the first 3D-CG effort from the studio. The movie is based on the children's book Earwig and the Witch by British writer Diana Wynne Jones who also penned the novel Howl's Moving Castle upon which the 2004 Ghibli film was based. From Variety:

In a statement Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki said he was worried as to whether “Aya to Majo” could hold up in the new post-corona environment.

“I thought that a number of times while watching the rushes,” he said. “Then I realized that one stand-out feature of the film is Aya’s cleverness. And if you are clever you can survive in any period of history. Thinking that, I felt relieved.”

image: detail of Japanese edition cover for "Aya to Majo" novel Read the rest

WATCH: 'Bill & Ted Face the Music' first official trailer starring Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter

Coming this summer.

”Whoa. The wait is finally over, dudes!”

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Giant 3D topographical wood map of Westeros ('Game of Thrones') made by a cartographer

Wow. This is a thing of great beauty. A giant 3D topographic wood map of Westeros, the world of Game of Thrones, by IMGURian @ARUNK55. It's 60"x35". Read the rest

WATCH: Muppet Guys LIVE honor Jim Henson, 30 years later — Saturday, May 16, 4pm ET

• “Miss Piggy,” “Kermit The Frog,” and all your favorite Muppets will be there.

The beloved humans behind The Muppets are gathering for a special live internet broadcast today to honor the late Jim Henson, who died 30 years ago today. Read the rest

Look at this 'Ludo' beastie made by a 'Labyrinth' fan

So real, I can smell it! Read the rest

Exquisite crochet Dalek

IMGURian @zikikki1 does wonderful “nerdy crochet,” and this Doctor Who 'dalek' is a fantastic example of their work. Read the rest

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