Fun with Wikipedia: Click to Jesus


Working between Christmas and New Year's? Still with relatives for the holidays and looking for a Christmas-themed way to pass the time till your flight home? You can play a game with coworkers or family called Click to Jesus.†

1. Go over to Wikipedia.

2. Click "Random Article" just below the Wikipedia unfinished Death Star logo.
3. Choose the link in the article you think will get you closest to the Jesus article.
4. Keep track of the articles. Continue step 3 until you arrive at Jesus.


1 point for Random page
1 point for each click
1 point for Jesus page

Tally and compare with friends!

† Fun variants include Click to Buddha, Click to Muhammad, Click to Hitler, or Click to Cher. Sadly, Click to Raptor Jesus can no longer be played, since that article was merged to "internet meme" after heated debate.